We wish we had a “How To” to solve all the mental health challenges people are facing. But there is no formula because we are each unique and the context of our lives is different. We believe that each of us is meant to be here and that discovering meaning in our lives promotes health and wellbeing. This section provides information for self-reflection showcasing books and videos from thought-leaders who inspire us. 


The Meaning in Madness name reflects the critical role meaning plays in our lives and our cultural madness in ignoring it. We define meaning using renowned psychiatrist Viktor Frankl’s meaning-centered theory, called logotherapy (which literally means “healing through meaning”).

Frankl, the author of the international bestselling book, Man’s Search for Meaning, developed logotherapy in the years before WWII when he worked with thousands of suicidal patients as a medical doctor specializing in psychiatry and neurology. He came to determine that finding and fulfilling meaning is our primary motivation for living and an essential part of mental wellbeing.

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Additional information can be found at Viktor Frankl Institute of America.


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